Feeds allow you to see when our web site is updated. You can get the headlines and a short version of the article all in one place. We publish feeds using RSS and ATOM. These are just two different ways of producing content which a computer can interpret and display to you.

How to view a feed

The best way to view feeds is via a feed reader. There are many of these available. There are also online readers. These have the advantage of being able to show all of your feeds in one place no matter which computer you use. Very handy if you switch between different computers or use cyber cafes or libraries for internet access.

Many web browsers will also display feeds. Newer versions of Firefox, Safari and Opera all do a good basic job of displaying feeds.

What feeds are available?

At the moment feeds are available for news, actions and campaign updates. We are in the process of publishing feeds for all of our priority campaigns and some combined feeds. These will, for example, allow you to obtain all news, action and campaigning updates about a particular topic from a single feed.

If you see this icon then there is a feed for that page's content: feed icon

These feeds are available now

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