Update 12/05/16:Today Zunar recieved over 17,000 cards, pictures and messages collected from Amnesty suppoters from 26 countries during our annual letter writing campaign, Write for Rights. Please keep calling for all charges to be dropped against Zunar.

Zulkiflee Anwar Ulhaque, also known as "Zunar", is facing nine simultaneous charges over his tweets on 10 February criticizing the judiciary.

A court date is scheduled for 7 July. If Zunar is convicted of more than one charge, he is likely to face a long term custodial sentence.

He has been charged under the Sedition Act, a colonial-era law that clamps down on freedom of expression under the guise of protecting national security and deterring racial or religious unrest.

Zunar has already been detained twice under this law and five of his cartoon books have been banned by the Malaysian Government on the grounds that their content is "detrimental to public order".

His office has been raided several times and three of his assistants were arrested in October 2014 and taken to the police station for selling his books. The online gateway that handled payments for Zunar’s books online was forced to disclose to the police the list of customers who had purchased books.

This is unacceptable. Ask the Malaysian authorities to drop the charges against Zunar and to repeal the laws which restrict the right to freedom of expression.