Update 13/09/16: This action is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took action for Narges Mohammadi. We are continuing to monitor this case and will up keep you updated in other ways you can take action with us for human rights around the world.

Narges Mohammadi is a prominent human rights defender, and mother of two in Iran. She’s been sentenced to 16 years in jail for peacefully defending human rights in her country.

In May 2015 Narges began serving a six-year sentence for her activism. The absurd charges included "spreading propaganda against the system" through her human rights work. This year, a new trial was held where she was sentenced to an additional 10 years for founding an anti-death penalty group.

Sadly, Narges is separated from her young twins who had to move abroad for the lack of a caretaker in Iran.

To make matters worse, Narges’ health is rapidly deteriorating. She suffers from a dangerous blockage in a blood vessel as well as a neurological disorder which requires specialised care.

Authorities continue to deny Narges proper medical attention which puts her in serious risk. Last year she suffered seizures and temporary paralysis as a result of her condition. This prompted authorities to send her to hospital, only to return her to prison just 17 days later against doctor’s orders.

Narges is in a critical state and needs your help.

Email the Ambassador in Australia and Head of the Judiciary in Iran and join our call to quash Narges’ conviction and release her immediately.