Politicians are finally realising that justice targets are vital in reducing Indigenous imprisonment rates. But, while we’ve heard the right words, we are yet to see national leadership to get them off the ground.

Justice targets are the benchmark that government must hit in reducing incarceration rates. Targets will hold our politicians accountable and force them to address the systemic inequality against Indigenous people – sparking changes to our police, courts and prisons.

Malcolm Turnbull has said he is 'open' to targets – let’s hold him to it.

Ask your state or territory leader to publicly call for national targets and heap the pressure on our Prime Minister.

Petition text

It’s time for Australia to set a national target to reduce Indigenous youth detention rates. That’s why I’m calling on you to publicly support a national justice target.

I strongly welcome the positive action taken by some states and territories, for example Victoria, the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory, which have their own targets to reduce rates of Indigenous incarceration.

But this is a time for national leadership.

The Australian Government must play a central role when the country needs a reform that is of national significance. We need both levels of government – state and federal – to work together.

Yours sincerely,