Amnesty International is campaigning both in Australia and globally to ensure women and girls in Afghanistan are protected, enjoy their full set of human rights, and are empowered and supported in leading changes in their lives.

Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001 there has been significant progress for women’s rights in Afghanistan. Some of the improvements include:

  • Increased enrolment into all tiers of formal education
  • Increased life expectancy
  • Reserved seats in the Afghan National Assembly and provincial councils
  • Women’s groups are able to operate more freely (though still with limitations)
  • Equal rights enshrined in the Afghan Constitution and official Afghan policy

Considering the desperate situation of girls and women just a decade ago, such progress is remarkable - yet tenuous. These steps forward are being threatened by the current peace and reconciliation talks between the Taliban, Afghan and US governments, in the context of this year’s withdrawal from Afghanistan of most of the international security forces – including Australia’s.

Still one of the worst countries to be a woman

Things are still far from ideal in Afghanistan. Most girls do not go to school for more than six years. Currently there are almost double the amount of boys enrolled in school than girls. More females die during pregnancy and childbirth than almost anywhere else in the world.

Girls’ schools are frequently attacked, high-profile women’s rights advocates have been targeted and killed, and violence against girls and women continues to be a major problem. Afghanistan is still one of the worst countries to be a woman.

Afghan women are fighting for a better future,
will you help?

Afghan women are determined to keep fighting for their human rights and to ensure they are central to the current peace and reconciliation talks. People in Afghanistan are worried that the hard fought for improvements for women and girls will be lost during these political negotiations.

Will you stand alongside the women of Afghanistan as they fight for their human rights? Amnesty is calling on Australia, the international community and the Afghan Government to ensure women in Afghanistan:

  • Are central to negotiation and reconciliation processes,
  • Have meaningful political representation,
  • Are empowered and supported in leading changes in their lives, and
  • Have their safety and human rights protected.