A child holding bullets © UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran

Weapons and Human Rights

The global sale and transfer of weapons is unregulated and lacks accountability. This irresponsible trade fuels conflicts, poverty, other human rights violations. We campaign to stop flows of arms that fuel abuses.

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A 'Stop the Shipment' protest at the Korean Embassy in London © Flickr / Campaign Against Arms Trade

Good news: South Korea says no to Bahrain

South Korea stands by its decision to sign the Arms Trade Treaty by halting shipments of tear gas to Bahrain.

Video: the long road to an Arms Trade Treaty © AI

Video: the long road to an Arms Trade Treaty

Watch this video to see how this historic treaty was made by people like you taking action when it's needed.

Sculpture of a twisted gun – signifying disarmament – in the peace garden outside the UN HQ in New York, USA, August 2011 © Flickr / Matt Clare

Good news: Arms Trade Treaty to take effect in December

A total of 50 ratifications were needed for the Arms Trade Treaty to come into force and as of now there have been 53, triggering a 90-day countdown to entry into force.

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