What will your legacy achieve?

Organising your Will is one of the most important things you will ever do. A Will protects your family and loved ones, and ensures that your estate is divided among the people you love in the way you intend.

Your will can also act as a microphone into the future. A chance to have your values heard and your beliefs represented beyond your lifespan.

Amnesty International Australia is 100% independent - we follow no political system or religion, and refuse government funding for our campaigning so we can be free to criticise the actions or inaction of governments. All our work is funded by people like you, unified in your determination to stand up for freedom and liberate people from injustice.

A bequest to Amnesty International Australia enables us to plan more effectively for future campaigns, to continue defending human rights into the future.

Want more information?

Contact our Fundraising Coordinator for Bequests for more information -- or call us on 1300 300 920. You can also download our Bequest Information Pack (PDF, 1.4Mb)

"Leaving a bequest to Amnesty International Australia through my will means that I will still be able to speak out – even when I’m no longer around."

Alice Beauchamp, supporter

Thank you

If you have already included Amnesty International Australia in your Will, we would like the opportunity of thanking you personally for your generous gift. Please let us know either by email or by telephone on 1300 300 920.

Thank you for helping to keep the candle of hope burning brightly.

Make a gift in loving memory

Celebrate the life of someone truly precious.

We are fortunate to have many passionate supporters who wish to raise funds and help us continue our defence of human rights.

You can honour the memory of a loved one by setting up and donating to a specially designed page in their memory. You can also leave a message of support or condolence for family and friends.

Other ways of giving

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Include a Charity coalition

Amnesty International is proud to be a part of Include a Charity - a coalition of over 130 charities working to change the way Australians think about including charities in their will.