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EU leaders must reject the European Commission's proposal on migration. © Amnesty International

100+ NGOs tell EU leaders to reject dangerous migration response plan

28 June 2016
European Commission's proposal on migration would open a dark chapter in the EU's history.

Digital Team WIP (Katy Mackay) is starting at 11:00am in NSW-Mahatma Ghandi . – Video call

Myanmar: Investigate violent destruction of mosque buildings

25 June 2016
Around 200 Buddhists rampaged through Thuye Tha Mein village, destroying a mosque in their wake.

Somchai Homla-or at an Amnesty International event in 2010. © AI

Thailand: Withdraw charges against human rights defenders

21 June 2016
Authorities must reverse decision to charge 3 human rights defenders for documenting violations.

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 © AI

5 things about Indigenous history you probably didn’t learn in school

1 July 2016
Julian Cleary explores some of the interesting, humbling, and downright inspiring facts whitewashed from our history lessons.

Filep Karma reading letters from Amnesty International supporters. © Amnesty International

Indonesia – An activist’s account of his dedication to peaceful protest

1 July 2016
Filep Karma shares why he won’t stop fighting for freedom of expression in Indonesia.

Our right to protest anti-protest laws

23 June 2016
The rights to peacefully assemble together and express ourselves freely in Australia are increasingly coming under threat.

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Yecenia Armenta Graciana. © AI

Good news: Torture survivor released from prison after 4 years

9 June 2016
Yecenia Armenta Graciana, a torture survivor in Mexico, has finally been acquitted and released from prison.

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