GuantanamoBay detainees at Camp X-ray © US DoDGuantanamoBay detainees at Camp X-ray © US DoD

Torture and Terror

Since the horrific terrorist attacks in America on September 11th, 2001, a countless number of people have been illegally kidnapped, detained, tortured and ill-treated by the U.S and its allies.

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Granddaughter of Mamana Bibi © Amnesty International

US drone strikes in Pakistan

Our new report "Will I be next?" US drone strikes in Pakistan looks at the US drone program from a human rights perspective.

Amnesty Protest Belfast

Another day of injustice

In a new report, Amnesty International outlines its concerns about the continued refusal of the US government to adhere to its international human rights obligations.

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160,000 voices call on President Obama to close Guantanamo

11 January this year marked exactly 10 years since the first 25 prisoners arrived at Guantanamo Bay

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