Recently released Egyptian blogger and law student Maikel Nabil Sanad had been convicted in an unfair trial by a military court in April 2011 for publicly insulting the army through comments he made on his blog.

He spoke with us following his release in January 2012, and thanked Amnesty International supporters for the letters of solidarity he received while in detention.

The Egyptian blogger became the ‘new’ Egypt’s first political prisoner after he was tried before a military tribunal for criticizing the ruling Egyptian armed forces on his blog.

His protest did not go un-noticed, hitting major international news outlets like The Guardian and spurring campaigns such as Free Maikel, and No Military Trials. In many ways Maikel Nabil became a face of the international movement for freedom of speech and ending military trials.

Maikel’s pardon was extremely positive news; but it’s still an outrage he had to remain in jail for ten months following an unfair trial until he was given freedom.