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Australia: It’s time for a Parliamentary vote, not plebiscite, on marriage equality

12 September 2016, 04:33PM 1 comment - add yours

With multiple bills put forward this week in Parliament to legislate for marriage equality in Australia, now is the time for a free vote on the issue, Amnesty International said today.

France: Reaction to court decision to overturn burkini ban

27 August 2016, 09:11AM

Responding to the decision of France’s highest administrative court to overturn the ban on the burkini on a French beach, John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Europe Director said:

France: Upholding burkini ban risks giving green light for abuse of women and girls

26 August 2016, 09:42AM

Failure to overturn the ban on the burkini would be a missed opportunity to end an assault on women’s freedoms of expression and religion as well as the right to non-discrimination, said Amnesty International as France’s highest administrative court considers a challenge to the ban.

Argentina: Ruling to release woman jailed after miscarriage, a step forward for human rights

19 August 2016, 11:00AM

A ruling to release a woman sentenced to eight years in prison after having a miscarriage in Argentina is a step forward for human rights in the country, Amnesty International said.

Nauru: New criminal law is welcome improvement on human rights

16 June 2016, 10:27AM

Amnesty International welcomes Nauru's new Crimes Act 2016, which makes the death penalty no longer applicable under law, decriminalises same-sex sexual activity, allows abortions carried out by medical professionals, and criminalises marital rape.

Amnesty publishes policy, research on protection of sex workers’ rights

26 May 2016, 09:01AM

Amnesty International is today publishing its policy on protecting sex workers from human rights violations and abuses, along with four research reports on these issues in Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Norway and Argentina.

Kerala: Rape, murder of Dalit woman highlights caste, gender violence

9 May 2016, 10:06AM

Authorities in the south Indian state of Kerala must ensure an independent investigation into allegations of police inaction in a case involving the rape and brutal murder of a 30-year-old Dalit woman.

Forced and early marriage puts thousands of girls at risk in Burkina Faso

26 April 2016, 11:37AM

Early and forced marriage in Burkina Faso is robbing thousands of girls as young as 13 of their childhood, while the cost of contraception and other barriers prevent them from making decisions about motherhood.

Indonesia: End caning in Aceh

20 April 2016, 11:47AM

Indonesia must end caning as a form of punishment and repeal or amend the provisions of the Aceh Islamic Criminal Code that provide for these violations of international law. Caning has been used for such criminal ‘offences’ as selling alcohol, consensual sexual relations and being alone with someone of the opposite sex who is not a marriage partner or relative.

Chile: Urgent progress needed after young woman arrested for a clandestine abortion

14 November 2015, 06:30AM

The arrest of a 22-year-old woman in Temuco for “consensual abortion” is yet another sign that the Chilean authorities have no time to lose with advancing legislation in the works to decriminalize abortion. She has been under investigation since Tuesday 10 November and faces charges after a complaint made by healthcare staff at the hospital where she arrived with bleeding after using of Misoprostol, a drug sold on the black market to terminate pregnancy.

China: Jailed activists expose President Xi’s hypocrisy on women’s rights

26 September 2015, 10:01AM

China must stop repressing female activists if it is serious about advancing women's and girls' human rights, Amnesty International said ahead of a United Nations meeting of world leaders on gender equality.

Young women and girls in Paraguay can be denied life-saving treatment under restrictive abortion laws. © Flickr / Stefano Corso

Rape survivor gives birth as Paraguay upholds draconian anti-abortion law

14 August 2015, 10:49AM

Reports that an 11-year-old girl who became pregnant after she was repeatedly raped, allegedly by her step father, gave birth today, are a tragic reminder of the urgent need for Paraguay to repeal its draconian anti-abortion law.

Global movement votes to adopt policy to protect human rights of sex workers

12 August 2015, 08:06AM

A crucial vote to protect the human rights of sex workers has been passed in Dublin at Amnesty International’s decision-making forum, the International Council Meeting (ICM). Delegates from around the world adopted a resolution which authorized the International Board to develop and adopt a policy on the issue.

Two-thirds majority in Ireland want abortion decriminalised

8 July 2015, 08:30PM

Our new opinion poll on public attitudes to abortion in Ireland shows the Irish government is under growing pressure to reform its anti-abortion law, one of the most restrictive in the world.

© Guillaume Paumier

Ukraine: Homophobic violence mars gay pride rally in Kyiv

7 June 2015, 08:26AM

Despite efforts by police today, Ukrainian authorities should have done more in advance to prevent violent attacks against gay Pride marchers several of whom were injured today, Amnesty International said.

©See-ming Lee

Ireland: A chance to make history – for us all

22 May 2015, 12:43PM

In less than 24 hours, Ireland will go to the polls in a referendum that is truly historic, the first time any nation has asked its people to vote ‘Yes’ and end discrimination against LGBTI people in its civil marriage laws. If passed, Ireland will become the first country anywhere in the world to guarantee its people the equal constitutional right to marry the person they love, regardless of their sexual orientation, following a popular vote.

Women defending human rights in Afghanistan are at risk of violence, sexual assault and targeted assassinations. © Flickr / DVIDSHUB

World turning its back on Afghan women’s rights defenders

7 April 2015, 03:30PM

Women human rights defenders in Afghanistan who face mounting violence – including threats, sexual assault and assassinations – are being abandoned by their own government despite the significant gains they have fought to achieve, said Amnesty International in a new report.

Authorities in China have cracked down on organisations promoting women's rights and other causes. © Flickr / World Bank Photo CollectionA

China: Drop charges against women detained for campaigning against sexual harassment

12 March 2015, 02:55PM

The Chinese authorities must immediately drop charges and release five women activists who were detained for calling for an end to sexual harassment, Amnesty International said.

Women and girls in conflict zones are particularly vulnerable to rape, forced marriage and sexual slavery. © Flickr / Ira Gelb

Global backlash against women’s rights is having devastating toll

8 March 2015, 10:07AM

Two decades after the adoption of a landmark global agreement on gender equality, a vicious backlash is threatening to strip women and girls of their rights.

Nagaland: Members of a mob who lynched rape suspect must be brought to justice

7 March 2015, 08:02AM

Members of a mob who lynched a man suspected of rape in Dimapur, Nagaland must be brought to justice urgently.

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