Gender and sexuality

President Obama must tackle human rights during Saudi Arabia visit

29 March 2014, 12:52PM

On his visit to Saudi Arabia, President Obama should express his dismay at discrimination against women by appointing a woman as his official driver, and take a strong public stand against the systematic violations in the Kingdom.

Malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim decision a “bleak day for justice”

8 March 2014, 07:42AM

The conviction of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on charges of ‘sodomy’ should be quashed, Amnesty International said.

Amnesty's women's rights campaign on Tinder

Tinder makes another match: uniting with Amnesty International for a good cause

7 March 2014, 09:04AM

Amnesty International is taking networking on Tinder to a new level, matching people for a good cause, in a new initiative to mark International Women’s Day.

Australia: shamefully inconsistent when it comes to human rights

25 February 2014, 06:00AM

Amnesty International Australia reviews the biggest human rights events of 2013 and outlines what Australia must do to significantly improve on its human rights record this year.

Nepal: Widespread gender discrimination has triggered maternal health crisis

20 February 2014, 05:00PM

Widespread and systemic gender discrimination in Nepal has led to hundreds of thousands of women suffering from a reproductive health condition that leaves them in great pain, unable to carry out daily tasks and often ostracised from their families and communities.

Afghanistan blocks law that would have increased domestic violence

18 February 2014, 11:20AM

Afghanistan has blocked a law that would have denied justice to victims of violence and child marriage, following an outcry by Afghan women's groups and the international community.

Europe: Transgender people face discrimination and inhuman and degrading treatment

4 February 2014, 11:00PM

European countries are violating the human rights of people trying to change their legal gender. Amnesty International's report details how transgender people are forced to undergo invasive surgery, sterilisation, hormone therapy, psychiatric testing before they can change their legal status.

Let Tunisian constitution herald human rights era

1 February 2014, 10:42AM

Amnesty International has joined with Al Bawsala and Human Rights Watch to recommend that Tunisia's new constitution sets in motion an overhaul of laws and public institutions.

Petitioning Putin to end repression in Russia

1 February 2014, 07:46AM

A handcuffed Russian ballerina braved the freezing weather in Moscow this week as Amnesty International activists delivered a petition of 330,000 signatures urging President Vladimir Putin to repeal repressive legislation in the country.

Nigeria: Halt homophobic witch-hunt under oppressive new law

16 January 2014, 08:50AM

Nigeria must immediately release the more than 10 people already arrested under a deeply oppressive new law that discriminates based on real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.

Nigeria must reject harsh bill on same-sex unions

21 December 2013, 09:55AM

Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan must not sign a same-sex marriage bill into law.

Uganda: Anti-Homosexuality Bill must be scrapped

21 December 2013, 09:31AM

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni must veto the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which was passed in a surprise vote on Friday morning. The passage of the Bill – which dramatically increases the criminal penalties for consensual sexual activity between adults of the same sex – amounts to a grave assault on human rights.

Gay Pride Parade, New Delhi, 2009 © Gautam Valluri

India re-criminalizes homosexuality

12 December 2013, 10:40AM

A ruling by India’s Supreme Court making consensual same-sex conduct between adults a criminal offence marks a black day for freedom in India, Amnesty International said.

Japan is undermining global efforts to prevent sexual violence in conflict

25 November 2013, 07:31PM

On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Amnesty International calls on the Japanese government to prove its commitments to the G8 Declaration on the Prevention of Sexual Violence in Conflict by fulfilling its obligations to the survivors of its wartime military sexual slavery system in operation before and during World War II.

Inside the EU Court of Justice © Flickr / triin

EU Court ruling a setback for LGBTI refugees

8 November 2013, 09:40AM

The Court of European Justice is out of step with international human rights and refugee law.

Logo of neo-Nazi organisation, Combat 18 © Flickr / PPCC Antifa

Serbia: LGBTI hate crimes must stop

2 November 2013, 08:48AM

Perpetrators of attack on apartment of LGBTI campaigner must be brought to justice.

Afghan women fear the international community turning its back on them © UNHCR / J. Tanner

Australia must champion Afghan women’s rights

29 October 2013, 11:53AM

Australia must use its strong diplomatic, advisory and aid role in Afghanistan to focus on protecting and empowering women and girls.

Amnesty International welcomes historic ACT marriage equality bill

22 October 2013, 04:51PM

Today’s legalising of same-sex marriage by the ACT Legislature is a landmark moment in the long fight for marriage equality.

Kuwait must reject proposed homophobic ‘medical tests’ on migrant workers

12 October 2013, 09:39AM

A proposal to introduce compulsory “medical tests” to bar any migrant workers deemed to be “homosexual” or transgender from entering Kuwait and other Gulf countries is outrageous and should be rejected out of hand, said Amnesty International.

Morocco/Western Sahara: Drop absurd charges against teenagers arrested for kissing

11 October 2013, 10:16AM

Authorities in Morocco must immediately and unconditionally drop charges against three teenagers arrested for kissing and posting a photo on Facebook.

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