New South Wales

Amnesty International in New South Wales encourages people to get involved with defending and protecting human rights in their local area.

In New South Wales there are thousands of supporters working in different ways to defend human rights. Whether you want to join one of our action groups or networks, come along to an event or volunteer at the NSW Action Centre, you can get involved and help us defend human rights.

Recent News

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Wanted: NSW Meaningful Movies Coordinator (Volunteer)

  • Published on 20/09/2016

Do you believe in the power of films in changing the world? We are currently looking for two Meaningful Movies Coordinators to spearhead our Meaningful Movies Network. This is a great opportunity to raise community awareness of human rights issues while increasing your own knowledge of human rights. You will also be developing a variety of skills!

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Volunteer wanted!

Wanted: Event Organiser and Social Media Officer for LGBTQI Network

  • Published on 4/07/2016

Use your passion in LGBTQI rights to make a change. Check out volunteering opportunities here.

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Innovation the Amnesty Way

  • Published on 7/05/2016

Have a creative and exciting human rights project in mind but require financial assistance? Then check out our Human Rights Innovation Fund for the opportunity to receive funding of up to $8,000!

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My Top 5 Creative Adventures in Sydney!

  • Published on 23/03/2016

Our volunteer, Katy, sharing with you her top 5 favorite creative adventures in Sydney. Tune in and check out these creative venues!

Activist Interview: Magda Kostrzewa

  • Published on 18/01/2016

Ever wanted to know what it would feel like to become part of an Amnesty International Local Action Group? Magda Kostrzewa shares her story about what lead her to take action and join her local St George Action Group.