With the Bali Process meeting in Brisbane this week, Amnesty International has appealed to Member States to give adequate consideration to the human rights and protection needs of the Rohingya population in the Asia Pacific region.

Rohingyas, a Muslim minority from Rahkine State in western Myanmar, face systematic persecution in Myanmar. As a result, they are fleeing the country in the thousands. Hundreds are missing, feared drowned, after being forcibly expelled from Thailand by the Thai military.

Amnesty International has called for all governments with Rohingya people in their territories to allow them immediate access to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Amnesty International welcomes the concerted efforts of regional governments to eradicate people-trafficking and migrant-smuggling, and recognises the important contribution of the Bali Process to addressing these issues.

The organisation remains concerned, however, that the meeting’s continued focus on enforcement and border management fails to adequately consider human rights concerns