Hundreds of political prisoners released in Burma © AFP


Here's where the hard work, the research, the campaigning and the letter-writing pays off. Every year survivors of human rights abuses thank us for our work. They show that, together, we make a difference.

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Amnesty applauds action to end the death penalty

Joint Standing Committee to review how Australia engages internationally to promote abolition of the death penalty.

Moses Akatugba. © Private

My first week of freedom after 10 years in jail

Moses Akatugba, a Nigerian death-row inmate, describes his joy after finally being pardoned and released.

A young Syrian refugee. © Flickr / Freedom House

Australia offers protection to 12,000 Syrian refugees

Important first step to address the biggest global refugee crisis since WW2.

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Cuba: Release of graffiti artist must herald new approach to dissent

Cuban graffiti artist 'El Sexto' has been released after nearly a year in prison.

Nauru’s ‘Open’ Australian-run Detention Centre

Amnesty International is hopeful that a recent announcement by Nauru’s government will begin to reduce the stress and abuse imposed on asylum seekers detained at the Australian-run detention centre since the facility reopened in 2012.

Sri Lanka: UN war crimes resolution marks a turning point for victims

Resolution adopted at the UN Human Rights Council offered the victims of Sri Lanka’s armed conflict the prospect of getting the truth and justice they deserve.

Australia takes first step to address world refugee crisis

The Australian Government has stepped up to save the lives of 12,000 more people escaping the conflict in Syria, Amnesty International said.

Thailand: Acquittal of journalists a small step in the right direction

The acquittal of two journalists in Thailand - on trial for reproducing parts of an article on human trafficking - is a welcome move for freedom of expression, but the two should never have had to stand trial in the first place.

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