Hundreds of political prisoners released in Burma © AFP


Here's where the hard work, the research, the campaigning and the letter-writing pays off. Every year survivors of human rights abuses thank us for our work. They show that, together, we make a difference.

Candlelit vigils in Singapore © REUTERS/Luis Enrique Ascui

Good news: death sentence lifted in Singapore

A court in Singapore has lifted the death sentence of a 25-year-old Malaysian man.

Child hands holding onto bars © Paulo Cruz

Good news: teenagers moved from adult prison

After a drawn out process, all the juveniles have finally been moved out of WA's Hakea Prison for adults.

image © Vlad Sokhin

Incredible progress on ending ‘sorcery’ murders in Papua New Guinea

This is a huge victory for the brave people in PNG who have been calling for change for a long time - and an enormous testament to the power of our collective action.

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UN vote on North Korea a positive step

The UN Human Rights Council has sent a clear message to North Korea, condemning the systemic, widespread and gross human rights violations being committed in the country.

Good news: Mexican soldiers accused of rape and torture to stand trial

Four members of the armed forces, accused of torture and sexual violence against two women in Mexico, have been detained to stand trial.

Afghanistan blocks law that would have increased domestic violence

Afghanistan has blocked a law that would have denied justice to victims of violence and child marriage, following an outcry by Afghan women's groups and the international community.

Amnesty International welcomes historic ACT marriage equality bill

Today’s legalising of same-sex marriage by the ACT Legislature is a landmark moment in the long fight for marriage equality.

Nobel peace prize: A worthy winner, but much remains to be done

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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