Thanks to you, two courageous women were able to hold their government accountable for the staggering rates of violence against women in Papua New Guinea. Watch the video of their journey, and leave your own message for Sarah and Tapora to take home with them.

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What happened in New York?

There were encouraging words from the PNG Government at the United Nations - and a commitment to introducing laws addressing domestic violence and the funding of safe houses for women.

However, today, there is still no law specifically against domestic violence. Police themselves are often part of the problem: telling victims that domestic violence is simply a "family issue". And there is still no proper state funding for women’s shelters and emergency services, so it’s left to charities and churches to help women fleeing violence.

We still have a long way to go to turn words in action. But we wouldn’t be here at all were it not for the sustained courage of these women and Amnesty International supporters. Together, we ensured when that moment came, we didn’t get more of the same unchallenged excuses from government officials. We got the truth.

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