Intern Anja amongst some of the more-than-10,000 submissions to the National Human Rights Consultation facilitated by Amnesty International
Amnesty International facilitated over 10,000 submissions to the National Human Rights Consultation

Human Rights Act for Australia

The Australian Government has ignored the findings of its extensive public consultation process and missed a historic opportunity to implement a Human Rights Act.

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How hard can it be?

In 2009, people around Australia called loud and clear for a Human Rights Act. The next step for the Rudd Government is clear - give Australians what we asked for.

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No myths - we want the facts

Some opponents of a Human Rights Act have created various ‘myths’ about what an Act would mean for our country. Myths don’t help anyone get a handle on an issue - let’s bust them with the facts!

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Australian youth want an action hero

Last year, young people around the country called for a Human Rights Act. Join us and show Minister for Youth Kate Ellis that young people now want action - in fact, we want an action hero.

Amnesty International submission

Amnesty International’s submission to the Human Rights Consultation calls for a Human Rights Act that includes economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights.

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Public hearings portal

See our live blog, image and video updates from the National Human Rights Consultation Committee's public hearings, held from Wednesday 1 to Friday 3 July 2009 at Parliament House, Canberra.

Over 10,000 people made the call

From December 2008 to June 2009, over 10,000 people made submissions to the National Consultation process through Amnesty International calling for better human rights protection in Australia.

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Community roundtables

Eyewitness accounts of a couple of the roundtable meetings organised by the Consultation Committee.
- Penrith roundtable - attended by Sophie Peer, Campaign Coordinator
- Canberra roundtable - attended by Andrew Witheford, Government Relations Manager

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support of a Human Rights Act for Australia at Homebake Festival 2008

Your submissions and your opinions

- Faces of Australia - Perspectives on rights protection from real Australians
- 1 May 2009 - an update on your submissions
- 19 May 2009 - an update on your submissions

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Other organisations

- The world is watching - With the Federal Government yet to respond to the National Human Rights Consultation Report, Australia walks a tightrope with our international reputation at stake.
- The human rights community in Australia - What are organisations other than Amnesty thinking about a Human Rights Act?

Map of Australia

“We’ll have what they’re having…”

See our interactive world map for information on other liberal democracies that enjoy human rights protection, and how they do it.

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