For two decades, Afghans have put their lives on the line to support Australian men and women.

In recent weeks and months, the Taliban has recaptured much of Afghanistan. These people face significant threats to their and their families’ safety from the Taliban. Some have received death threats.

But many have had their applications for humanitarian visas rejected. The reason – they were employed by Australian Government agencies through subcontractors, and were not employed directly by the government.

The window in which these people can be safely resettled is closing – the Australian Government must fast-track humanitarian visas for all Afghans that worked with Australian personnel. 

Send your email to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and call for the Australian government to urgently prioritise processing humanitarian visas for all Afghans that worked with Australians.


You can also write to:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

PO Box 6022

House of Representatives

Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600