Russian activist and artist Yulia Tsvetkova is facing absurd charges under Russia’s ‘gay propaganda laws’. She faces six years in prison – simply because she posted art on social media.

Russian authorities arrested and charged Yulia with ‘production and dissemination of pornographic materials’ after she posted body-positive pictures of women on social media.

They later charged her with the same offence because she posted a drawing showing support for LGBTQI+ families.

Police raided Yulia’s house in November, calling her a ‘lesbian, sex trainer and propagandist leader.’

This is not the first time Yulia has been targeted. She’s also been fined 50,000 rubles for being the administrator of an LGBTQI+ Facebook page.

Yulia has done nothing wrong. She is yet another person targeted under Russia’s homophobic regime. We cannot allow her to be sent to prison for her activism.

Please help by emailing Russian authorities today demanding they drop the charges against Yulia.