Mahira Yakuk has been detained by the Chinese authorities since April 2019, simply because she sent money to her parents in Australia.

The authorities have accused her of “giving material support to terrorist activity.” According to her sister, Mahira transferred money to her parents in 2013 to help them buy a house.

She has been detained for more than a year, without a lawyer and without any evidence for the ‘crime’ she’s accused of.

Mahira is part of the Uyghur community, a largely Muslim ethnic minority group. The Chinese Government has detained over one million Uyghurs in “re-education camps” since 2017 —including Mahira. She suffers from liver damage because she was detained in a camp in 2018.

Mahira only wanted to help her family – she has done nothing wrong. Email the Chinese Ambassador and call on the authorities to free Mahira.