The Australian Government is forcing 1,200 men, women and children seeking safety in Australia to live in abhorrent conditions in Nauru which has been described by Amnesty’s top researcher as “essentially like an open-air prison”.

Our latest investigation has uncovered that the government is going to great lengths to deliberately inflict suffering on refugees and people seeking asylum, and to hide this abuse from the eyes of the world.

Join our call on Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to demand an end to the secret abuse of men, women and children in Nauru now.

Despite the wall of secrecy built by the Australian & Nauruan Governments, Amnesty and Human Rights Watch conducted a 12 day investigation inside Nauru to uncover the truth behind the treatment of people searching for protection and freedom.

This rare investigation shines a light on the atrocious treatment of men, women and children – including routine neglect and at times the denial of medical care by the main health services company hired by the Australian Government.

Anna Neistat, Amnesty’s most senior investigator, reveals that the Australian Government has “designed a system of deliberate abuse” to deter people seeking safety who arrive by boat.

Many suffer from serious mental health problems which are inadequately treated and exacerbated by the appalling conditions in which they’re forced to live. Anxiety, self-harm and suicide attempts are frequent, with children as young as nine speaking openly about wanting to end their lives.

“People here don’t have a real life. We are just surviving. We are dead souls in living bodies. We are just husks. We don’t have any hope or motivation.” – A woman interviewed by the researchers

This secret and systematic abuse set up by the Australian Government must end immediately. Sign this petition now.

Update 7/2/17: The 2,200 people that the Australian Government has trapped on Nauru and Manus cannot wait for safety any longer. With the US/Australia settlement deal looking even more uncertain and parliament resuming for 2017, the Government and Opposition must put people before politics and must immediately bring people to safety here in Australia.

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  Our Petition

To the Hon Peter Dutton MP
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

I call on the Australian Government to immediately:

  • Close the Regional Processing Centres on Nauru and Papua New Guinea.
  • Bring all asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru and Manus Island to Australia immediately.
  • Assess, in a fair and timely manner, those whose international protection applications have not been finalised by the authorities in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.
  • Ensure that all those who were granted refugee status on Nauru and Manus have the right to settle in Australia.

Note: This petition was updated on 17/10/16 to include Manus Island, the signatures will be delivered in separate batches according which version was signed.

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