Now is the moment we can create a refugee sponsorship program that is fair, compassionate, and accessible.

To do this, we need to put pressure on Alex Hawke, the new Minister responsible for Immigration. It’s within his power to make refugee community sponsorship fair and just, by increasing the number of refugees who are able to be welcomed safely into our communities.

Over 30 rural, regional and metropolitan communities across Australia stood up for refugees in 2020, when they sent detailed submissions to the national review of the current program. Each submission represented dozens of organisations in each of their towns and suburbs. Those submissions along with the findings of the national review, are now in the hands of Minister Alex Hawke.

Our new neighbours, and those still to come, need you to write to your Federal Members of Parliament.

They need you to ask them to call on Minister Hawke, to reflect generously on the submissions sent to the Government and the findings of the national review, and introduce a fair and just sponsorship program in 2021.