All around Australia, people are taking action to protect themselves and each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time in decades, the right to health is on everyone’s minds.

But not everyone is able to take the steps they need in order to keep themselves and others safe. Right now, tens of thousands of people are afraid to access vital medical care, due to their visa status and fear of deportation.

This is a huge public health issue. Without access to medical care for everyone, we cannot reduce the spread of COVID-19, and everyone is at risk.

So that everyone can access vital medical care without fear, Amnesty is partnering with Democracy in Colour, who are leading the call for an information firewall to be created between health providers and immigration agencies to prevent the sharing of sensitive information.

Health is a human right – let’s make sure everyone has access to healthcare during this pandemic, so that we can all take the steps we need to keep ourselves and others safe.