Peaceful street protests in Hong Kong have successfully resulted in the withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill, but the violent police crackdown against peaceful protesters is raising fears of further human rights abuses.

Over one million people have taken to the streets of Hong Kong in protest since 9 June. Police have responded to protests with excessive violence. They have used tear gas and pepper spray, and in some instances, guns firing bean bags and rubber bullets. Many people have been seriously injured. Amnesty International’s research has shown that police violence violated international human rights law and standards.

On 4 September Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced the controversial extradition bill would be withdrawn, a key demand of the protesters, but the crackdown shows no sign of ending.

Police are also reportedly spraying blue dye on demonstrators to mark them for later arrest. Last Friday, police arrested pro-democracy leaders Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow for allegedly inciting and taking part in an unlawful assembly following a peaceful protest outside Hong Kong police headquarters.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam must launch an independent, impartial, investigation into the use of force by Hong Kong police against protesters.

Call for an immediate end to the police crackdown and an investigation into excessive use of force.