Let Ciham’s family know that you stand alongside them in their fight to be reunited with Ciham and send them a message of hope. Write your message now and we will collect them and deliver them to Ciham’s family. 

Over 5,000 people have signed the petition calling on the USA to speak out for Ciham. Your voice can also make a difference in the life of Ciham’s family by sending them strength and hope. 

Ciham Ali was just 15 years old when she disappeared while fleeing from Eritrea. Nine years later, she’s still missing. Her family fears what she may be suffering in a country with notoriously dangerous prison conditions. Although she’s a US citizen, Ciham has been ignored by the US government. So far, they’ve remained silent on her plight, even though they have the power to influence Eritrea.

We want to let Ciham’s family know that people around the world are watching and that we will stand alongside them in their plight to find Ciham. 

You can stand with Ciham by sending her family a message of support.

Here’s how it works: 

1- You write a short message of support and hope and provide your details. You are encouraged to include the colour purple. Purple is Ciham’s favourite colour and her family would really appreciate the gesture. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • We stand with all your family in asking for justice, truth and reparation!
  • Ciham has not been forgotten. I send you strength to continue fighting to be reunited with her. 
  • Ciham’s dreams of becoming a fashion designer have been interrupted. We stand with you in your plight to be reunited with Ciham.
  • All across the world people are saying #FreeCiham. Don’t lose hope, we are with you!

2- We compile all of the messages and print them, with only your first name,

3- We send them to Ciham’s family

4- Her family will know that people have not forgotten Ciham and are standing in solidarity with them.

Your messages help keep hope alive for people like Ciham and her family!