Today, the 29th of November, is International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People; a platform and a reminder of the ongoing Palestinian struggle for human rights, peace and self-determination.

Today, we are asking you to stand in solidarity and allyship with the Palestinian-Australian community, to support them in their enduring fight for freedom and justice. Sending a message will only take a few minutes, but your words will have a profound impact . Together, we can let them know there are thousands of people who stand with them.

We are continuing to urgently advocate for a sustained ceasefire, a crucial step towards a just and lasting solution to the conflict. Over the last few weeks you have joined the global movement to address the injustices endured by Palestinians. One million supporters like you signed Amnesty’s global petition demanding a ceasefire to end bloodshed. And here in Australia, more than 17,000 emails have been sent to Foreign Minister Penny Wong calling for a sustained ceasefire.

In the coming weeks we’ll hand over your messages to members of the Australian Palestinian community who have been relentlessly campaigning for a ceasefire. They have tirelessly campaigned for freedom and security, by narrating the complexities of the conflict, the history of occupation and apartheid through lived experience.

“Listen to the people who have shown that they stand with Palestinians unequivocally in our call to freedom” Sara Saleh, Palestinian-Australian, Human Rights Lawyer & Poet

Solidarity is our greatest strength. Together, we can say: we stand with you. And we will continue to fight alongside you for justice and freedom.

Send your message of solidarity now.