Because people like you are willing to stand up and take action, last Friday, refugee and artist Farhad Bandesh celebrated his 40th birthday in freedom. He was finally released after nearly 8 years trapped by Australia’s offshore detention regime.

This doesn’t happen without thousands of people around Australia standing up demanding change.

But rather than releasing all those from detention who were brought to Australia for medical treatment, the Government is digging its heels in.

This week, the Government’s contract with the operators of the Mantra Hotel in Melbourne – where approximately 60 refugees and people seeking asylum have been detained – comes to an end. Yet rather than releasing those detained there into the community like Farhad, the Government is reportedly moving them to a new hotel, where they will also be locked in their rooms for up to 23 hours a day.

We need to act urgently and fight for the freedom of those still detained – make your call to Peter Dutton now!