Vietnamese Australian, Chau Van Kham, is serving a 12 year prison sentence in Viet Nam – simply because of his peaceful political beliefs.

Kham is now 72 years old and his health is not good. His family worry every day about his living conditions. Prison conditions in Vietnam are notoriously harsh, with regular testimonies from detainees about the poor food quality, lack of drinking water and the absence of adequate medical treatment. Furthermore, prisoners of conscience often face additional harassment, intimidation and ill-treatment.

We know the director of the prison in which Kham is held has the power to ensure that Kham is treated well and has access to medical care he needs as well as regular visits from his family – something he has not been granted. Kham’s family worry as they cannot see him to be reassured he is well while in detention.

Please send a postcard to the prison director, Le Ba Thuy, calling on him to ensure Kham is treated well while detained while we still call for Kham’s release and safe return to Australia.

Kham’s family are depending on us to get Kham home. Please send your postcard using this online platform.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You compose your short message and provide your details
  2. We print your message on postcards, with only your first name
  3. We put on a stamp and send your postcard to the prison director in Viet Nam
  4. The director gets lots of post cards, telling him the world is watching out for Kham
  5. As a result, Kham is treated well while we continue to fight for his release – he is safe from torture and other ill-treatment, and has access to family, lawyer, and adequate medical care

Your postcard will be sent to:

Le Ba Thuy
Trai Giam Z30D,
số 411 Nguyễn Huệ,
TT. Tân Minh,
Hàm Tân,
Bình Thuận,
Viet Nam 77609