Video footage captured on 16 January in Boondall shows a Queensland police officer forcefully pushing Natasha King by her throat as she tries to reach her son.

Police say they were investigating alleged domestic violence, while the family say they entered the wrong home.

Let’s get one thing straight – it doesn’t matter what the alleged situation was, the police need to explain this kind of violent behaviour.

It is shocking to see this kind of police behaviour, especially given Queensland’s recent strong stand on violence against women with a new domestic violence bill.

The Queensland Police Service has announced an internal investigation overseen by the government’s Ethics Standards Command and a review by a specialist operational skills and tactics instructor. However, we need an independent investigation to hold police accountable. Independent means outside the Queensland Government and free from any government influence. Please keep taking action.

We deserve better from our police – Tell Queensland’s Police Minister that we won’t stand for anything short of an independent investigation into this act of police violence.


Watch the video here (content warning: strong language, police violence, violence against women)

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Dear Minister,

I am extremely concerned about an incident depicted in video footage posted on Facebook on 17 January 2016 that shows a Queensland Police Officer repeatedly and forcefully pushing an Aboriginal woman.

The footage raises serious questions about the conduct of the police officers involved.

I call on you to immediately launch a full, public and independent investigation into the incident depicted in the video and any associated arrests, including the conduct of officers involved.

Police officers must uphold the human rights of all people, without discrimination


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