Over eight years ago, refugees made the dangerous journey to seek safety in Australia. They only sought freedom, something we all hold dear to our hearts. Yet when they arrived here they were met with a Government and a policy that has kept them detained for nearly a decade, both offshore and here in Australia. 

But today, because people like you are willing to stand up and keep fighting for change, that freedom has finally been granted to some refugees.

The Maghames family, who have been detained at the Darwin APOD (Alternative Place of Detention) for more than a year, were finally released on Sunday into community detention whilst they await resettlement in the United States. The Maghames family originally spent over 7 years detained on Nauru before being brought to Australia for medical treatment.

Additionally in Melbourne and Brisbane, the Government has released more than 30 refugees. This is a huge win for people power and it doesn’t happen without thousands of people like you standing up and demanding change. 

Yet despite this, approximately 90 refugees from offshore detention remain detained around Australia, with approximately 230 still trapped in PNG and Nauru. For them, we must keep fighting.

We’re asking that the Government: 

  1. Releases all refugees from offshore detention currently detained in Australia 
  2. Finalises resettlement negotiations with New Zealand to ensure refugees are resettled as a matter of urgency

Join us and send your email to your local MP asking them to resettle all remaining Medevac refugees now!