Russian activist and artist Yulia Tsvetkova has been the target of an overtly homophobic campaign since March 2019, facing prosecution and harassment for defending women’s and LGBTQIA+ rights.

In 2019, Russian authorities arrested and charged Yulia with ‘production and dissemination of pornographic materials’ for posting body-positivity drawings of the female body online. They later charged her with the same offence because she posted a drawing of an LGBTQIA+ family.

After thousands of people from around the world took action, in July of this year Yulia was finally acquitted. Sadly this triumph was painfully short-lived when just one week later, the prosecutor appealed the decision to acquit her.

The appeal hearing will take place on Monday 10 October. If the acquittal is overturned, Yulia could face up to six years in prison for simply exercising her right to freedom of expression through her art.

Yulia has done nothing wrong, and continues to be targeted under Russia’s anti-gay regime. We cannot allow her to be sent to prison for her activism.

Please take action today. Email the prosecutor now calling for the end to this absurd mockery of justice, which has put a young woman’s life on hold for nearly three years.