Dorgelesse Nguessan has been sentenced to five long years in Douala Central Prison in Cameroon – simply for peacefully taking part in her first ever protest. Send her a message of compassion and hope to lift her spirits, so she knows that she is not alone.

Dorgelesse dreamed of expanding her small hairdressing business, and employing more local women. But when economic conditions worsened, so did Dorgelesse’s ability to make ends meet to provide for her family. This inspired her to take part in her first ever peaceful protest in September 2020.

By December, she had been tried by a military court and sentenced to five years in prison for “insurrection, assembly, meetings and public demonstrations”.

Dorgelesse should never have been arrested in the first place. Taken away from her loved ones, she is a single mother and the breadwinner of her family. Her 18-year-old son has sickle cell anaemia, and her mother has a number of chronic conditions. The family is struggling to pay for their healthcare, and Dorgelesse is desperate to be reunited with them all.

Now more than ever, Dorgelesse needs to know that she is not alone. Send Dorgelesse a message of compassion and hope today.

You can write in English or French. Amnesty will pass on your messages to Dorgelesse via her family- who will appreciate reading all your well-wishes to her. We know that these messages can change the lives of the people who receive them, by giving them strength and hope.