Mikita was just a teenage boy waiting for his friend at a bus stop when he was swept up in a protest crowd. Now he is languishing in a child educational prison colony, serving a 5 year sentence – there is no evidence that Mikita did anything wrong. Send Mikita a message of hope. 

Over 12,000 of us have signed the petition to demand that Belarusian authorities release Mikita and give him a fair trial.

Mikita was sentenced to five years in a child educational prison colony – despite there being no evidence that Mikita was involved in any violence. Since then, Mikita has been held in solitary confinement and reportedly has been tortured. He is not getting the medical treatment he needs for his epilepsy. 

Will you send a message of support to Mikita and his family?

Now we need to let him know that we are standing alongside him and that we will fight for his release and fair trial. We are asking you to write a message to Mikita to send him strength and love.

Mikita likes playing  Minecraft.  We have worked with Mikita’s family and an artist to create this illustration – Mikita holding a candle of hope. Will you send Mikita a message of hope? We will print your kind messages on cards with this image and send them to Mikita at the prison colony.

You can stand with Mikita by sending him a message.


Here’s how it works: 

1- You write a short message of support and provide your details. Mikita is a teenage boy that loves Minecraft and rap music so any mention of this will make his time in prison brighter. Here are some suggested lines to get you started:

  • Mikita, I send you strength and hope to continue fighting for your release and for a fair and just trial.
  • We wish you to be able to hug your family and play Minecraft again very soon!
  • Your arrest during a peaceful protest and brutal persecution is unfair! We stand with you and your family in your fight to be released and to receive a fair trial!

2- We compile all of the messages and print them, with only your first name,

3- We send them to Mikita and his family

4-  Mikita will know that people are standing in solidarity with her and supporting his fight for a fair trial.

Your messages help keep hope alive for people like Mikita and his family!