Let Rung know that you support her plight for freedom and democracy and send her a message of hope. Write your message now and we will send it for you in a card for Rung.

Rung has been temporarily released on bail so she can complete her exams. The restrictions on her amount to de facto house arrest, and she is scheduled to go back to jail on 12 January.

Over  10,000 people have signed the petition to demand that Thai authorities drop all charges against Rung immediately. Now we can also stand in solidarity with her.

Rung – which means ‘rainbow’ in Thai – is a student and amateur violinist. She describes herself as “humble and quiet”, and yet she’s bravely stepped up as one of the leading voices in Thailand’s youth democracy movement.

We want to let Rung and her family know that people around the world are watching and that we will stand alongside them to fight for her freedom. We are asking you to write a message to Rung and her family to send her strength and love.

We will print your kind messages on postcards and send them to Rung and her family.

You can stand with Rung by sending her a message of support.


Here’s how it works: 

1- You write a short message of support and provide your details, Here are some suggested lines to get you started

  • Your strength and resilience inspires us all! 
  • We stand with you and the rest of the Youth Democracy Movement in Thailand!
  • Sending you strength and love Rung, continue fighting for your freedom
  • Use phrases such as: Rainbows4Rung, Hugs4Rung, WriteforRights2021, WeStandWithRung.

2- We compile all of the messages and print them, with only your first name,

3- We send them to Rung and her family

4- Rung  will know that people are standing in solidarity with her and supporting her fight for freedom.


Your messages help keep hope alive for people like Rung and her family!