Do you have some spare time on your hands and want to make a difference for human rights – without leaving your house?

Russian activist and artist Yulia faces 6 years in prison – simply for posting drawings on social media. You can stand with Yulia today.

Yulia’s drawings proudly celebrate LGBTQI+ families and women’s bodies. But under Russia’s homophobic ‘gay propaganda’ laws Yulia has been charged with “production and dissemination of pornography.”

Follow the steps below so that together we can stand in solidarity with Yulia, and show Russia that Yulia’s art should be celebrated, not censored.


Pick up some pencils and get drawing! Yulia’s art is all about empowering women and supporting LGBTQI+ families.

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(C) Amnesty International

Yulia called this drawing “family is where love is.” Make your own drawings celebrating family, love, equality and diversity.

Now, upload a photo of your drawing. If you’re not an artist, you can always use one of Yulia’s drawings.

Send a message of solidarity

Add a personalised message of support for Yulia. It only needs to be a short message; let her know your name and where you’re from, and that you stand with her.

Get social!

Share your drawings on social media. Ask your friends and family to take action for Yulia and demand the Russian government drop the charges. These actions keep hope alive and protect people like Yulia facing human rights abuses.

When we stand together, even when we’re self-isolating, we can make a difference.