For kids, community is everything. It’s kids’ connections with family and community that lets them flourish, and sets them up for life. Belonging matters and communities provide it.

But our government is separating Indigenous kids from their communities. Kids as young as 10 are being locked up, all across Australia.

If you’re an Indigenous kid, you are 24 times more likely to be locked up than your non-Indigenous classmates.

Fortunately, Indigenous people have the solutions — community-led programs that support kids, and if they get in trouble, help them address the reasons why. Now we need our government to support these solutions too.

Can you stand up for Indigenous kids in Australia today?

By signing up to a ‘commitment to kids’, we can show our government that Australians everywhere believe in better solutions than locking kids up. We can show them that more community support is needed, not more prisons for kids.

We’ll be letting your politicians all across Australia know about this groundswell of support, to prove that Australians — Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike — stand together for harmonious communities and a brighter tomorrow.

Why kids and communities?

Kids especially need their communities if they are to grow up strong and healthy. They need Indigenous community-led programs that support them so they don’t get into trouble, and if they do, that help them address the reasons why.

Bourke, New South Wales is the first place in Australia to trial a community-led justice reinvestment approach to keep kids out of detention. Initiated and led by the Aboriginal community, the initiative is now tackling the social issues that get kids into trouble in the first place. They’re keeping kids in communities, where they belong.

We need solutions like Bourke’s all across Australia. Will you join a movement of people, speaking up for a brighter tomorrow for Indigenous kids?

Thank you!

Thank you for taking action. Together we can make a difference.

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My commitment to kids

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I want a brighter tomorrow for Indigenous kids, and I make this commitment:

  • To give every kid the best chance for a healthy, happy childhood in their community.
  • To end the over-representation of Indigenous kids in the justice system.
  • To encourage all levels of government to work together with Indigenous communities to develop sustainable solutions for this generation of kids and their families.
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