12/11/19 UPDATE: Tashpolat’s family fear that he remains at risk of execution. His case has received global attention, and continued pressure on the authorities will maintain positive attention on Tashpolat’s case and help towards ensuring that he is not executed. Please keep taking action.

Prominent Uyghur academic, Tashpolat Tiyip, is facing execution in China unless the authorities stop this from going ahead. 

The Chinese Government has chosen to secretly detain and sentence to death Tashpolat Tiyip for reasons that remain unknown to his family, friends and the outside world.

Tashpolat was the President of the Xinjiang University when he was forcibly disappeared in 2017 while travelling to Germany with a group of students for a conference. 

After a secret and grossly unfair trial, he was convicted of separatism and sentenced to a suspended death sentence – a two-year reprieve from the bullet if Tashpolat is not charged with any additional crimes.

Tashpolat is a Uyghur, an ethnic minority who mainly live in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, western China. The Chinese Government has been stripping away their rights through secret detention of people, controlling who can worship in mosques, and limiting where the Uyghur language can be used.

Since 2016, the situation has become more intense with confiscation of passports to restrict people’s movement, heavy technological surveillance, as well as labeling and prohibiting a wide range of cultural practices as extremist – punishable by detention in political “re-education” camps.

The President of China, Xi Jinping, can stop any plans to execute Tashpolat and release him. Email the President now and help save Tashpolat’s life.