UPDATE: The Queensland Government has introduced legislation that will significantly improve the bail system for children. This means that the government won’t have to rely on harmful watch houses to detain children. But until the new laws pass, kids are at still risk. The government must act to ensure children are safe in its care.

Our campaign to get kids out of watch houses is working.

Debate has dominated Queensland Parliament ever since we exposed thousands of human rights abuses and sparked a movement of Australians who want to see these kids protected.

But while Parliament talks, kids are still suffering. We need Minister Di Farmer to get them out of watch houses, now.

So far, the Government has talked about long term strategies including expanding youth prisons and launching an inquiry. But this won’t get kids out anytime soon.

We know that prisons are no place for kids. They should be at home with their families, friends and communities. Plus, we’ve already documented more than 2,600 human rights abuses in watch houses. The facts are in.

The Government must raise the age of criminal responsibility to 14, reduce the number of children on remand and pass laws so that no child is kept in a watch house overnight – a policy already spelled out in the Queensland police guidelines.

Together, we can get these kids out of danger. But we need to act fast.

Will you email the Minister and tell her to get kids out of watch houses now?