In the past year, the #GameOver campaign has worked with a coalition of almost 50 organisations that have overseen over 300 people resettled.

But as the Australian Government’s deal to resettle refugees in the United States comes to a close, there are still nearly 500 refugees and asylum seekers remaining offshore and in detention around Australia, and the Government has no plan for them.

The #GameOver team, along with athlete ambassador Sonny Bill Williams, will be handing over the #GameOver petition –  signed by over 60,000 Australians – demanding that Scott Morrison and the Australian Government accept New Zealand’s long standing offer to resettle refugees from offshore detention.

This is an important moment, and we need your help. For Scott Morrison to hear us, we need you to share this message on Twitter.

Send your tweet now, and tell Scott Morrison and the Government to accept New Zealand’s offer!

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