‘We march every year, even if we face violence, because we want to show our community, and the country, that we are strong and we are united.’ – İdil, 22

In Türkiye, Pride faces a battle on two major fronts: LGBTQIA+ rights are under increasing attack, while the right to protest has been severely limited for years.

Since 2015, Pride events have been systemically banned in Türkiye, preventing LGBTQIA+ people from demanding their rights.

Now, as authorities threaten to crackdown on Pride in 2023, prominent figures are ramping up anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric, with increasing discrimination against LGBTQIA+ people being observed.

International solidarity and support is vital in letting LGBTQIA+ people in Türkiye know that they are not alone. That there are thousands of us, who stand with them as they face intimidation, discrimination, unlawful restrictions and violence.

Everyone has the right to love who they love and be who they are, freely and without discrimination.

Now more than ever, we must take a firm stance against these human rights violations. We must protect LGBTQIA+ rights, and the right to protest. We must unite for Türkiye Pride.

We know how powerful international solidarity can be. Your messages will be shared directly with Pride organisations right across Türkiye. We will also send them to the authorities in cities where marches are taking place, to send a clear message that people around the world stand with LGBTQIA+ people in Türkiye and their right to march, protest and celebrate Pride.

Please send a message of solidarity to LGBTQIA+ people in Türkiye now!