UPDATE 17/07/20: This week saw USA authorities proceed with the deplorable decision to execute Daniel Lee, Wesley Purkey and Dustin Honken. While this wrong cannot be undone, the Trump administration still has the opportunity to change course and call off all future scheduled executions. Please keep taking action.

The US Attorney General has set the first federal execution to be carried out in 17 years on 13 July.

Four men in total have had their death warrants issued between then and the end of August.

The US death penalty system is deeply flawed and arbitrary, with many cases affected by racial bias and poor legal representation.

As national figures for 2019 executions and death sentences represented the second lowest yearly totals in 28 and 46 years, respectively, the resumption of executions at the federal level after 17 years would go against the US and global trends away from the death penalty. The death penalty is not the solution.

Take action and call on US Attorney General Barr to halt the scheduled federal executions.