Marriage is an important way many people choose to show their commitment. But in Australia, LGBTQI couples still don’t have this right, despite two-thirds of Australians believing marriage should be equal.

A Senate Committee just finished an inquiry into how the Marriage Act could be amended to usher in marriage equality. The Committee ironed out a number of key issues  – such as how to make sure the bill protects the right to equality and religious freedoms.

We’re now one step closer to making this vital change a reality. The next step is to push for a cross-party marriage equality bill to be voted on by the parliament. Together we can achieve this, but we need you to demand a parliamentary vote for progress, love and fairness.

This is about people in our community that we care about. It could be a friend, a workmate, neighbour or family member. We should all be treated fairly under the law. Love is love, it’s as simple as that.

Take action now and demand a parliamentary vote for marriage equality.

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To Prime Minister Turnbull,

No-one should be denied the right to marry the person they love because of their intersex status, gender identity or sexual orientation.

It’s time for the parliament to do its job and legislate to remove discrimination from the Marriage Act.

I call on you to allow a parliamentary vote on a bill to legalise marriage equality.



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