There are better alternatives than having people drown at sea off our coast, or suffer in open-air prisons run by our government.

We need a better plan for refugees. Will you back it?

We’re a decent country. We’ve got it in us to show common sense and to solve problems.

Both sides of politics have failed to deliver a fair, safe and orderly system for refugees. The government’s current approach isn’t keeping people safe, and the secrecy and cover-ups tell us that something is wrong.

The situation is out of control.

The truth is we can protect our borders while offering safety to those who need our help. And we can benefit from the contributions new Australians make to our community.

So what are we waiting for?

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A better plan starts with:

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  • Boosting Australia’s aid program to help neighbouring countries support refugees better
    When people are legally recognised, have safe accommodation, can send their kids to school, and can work and access health services, they won’t be forced to make dangerous journeys to Australia.
  • Making sure that the most vulnerable people are resettled, within our region and globally
    We can reduce the pressure on individual countries by working closely with the likes of New Zealand, Japan, the USA, Canada and others to ensure everyone does their bit.
  • Including refugees in our existing visa programs
    In addition to our core resettlement program, let’s recognise the skills and qualifications of many refugees by considering them when we allocate student, work & family reunion visas.
  • Assessing refugee applications within a defined time period
    When people know they’ll be assessed in an efficient and orderly way, they are less likely to make a dangerous boat journey.
  • Running timely search and rescue operations
    Instead of hazardous boat push-backs at sea, we can run proper search and rescue operations to save lives.

It’s time we stopped letting politicians create havoc with people’s lives and got on with a long-term, common sense plan for the fair treatment of refugees.

Tell our politicians that you back a better plan.

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