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Activist Resources: Game Over

It’s time to accept the New Zealand offer!

The #GameOver campaign has been at the forefront of fighting for the Australian Government to accept New Zealand’s long standing resettlement offer. We’ve stood together and demanded the Australian Government treat refugees and people seeking asylum with respect. After years of work, we acknowledge that it is easy to despair – but we are making progress, and we’re so close to achieving our goal.

Stand with us in one final push.

Because you didn’t give up, we’ve seen the release of more than 100 refugees from the Park Hotel APOD, Kangaroo Point Hotel APOD and the Northern APOD located at Darwin International Airport.

Earlier this year, off the back of our advocacy efforts with Craig Foster and Sonny Bill Williams in New Zealand, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews stated that the Australian Government was now in negotiations with their New Zealand counterparts regarding the New Zealand resettlement offer.

Because we kept going, the Australian Government has gone from outright refusal, to consideration, and now negotiation. These are all huge wins for people power, and highlights that when we stand up collectively and demand change, we can make a difference.

While we’re moving in the right direction, more than 200 refugees and people seeking asylum still remain trapped offshore in Papua New Guinea and Nauru. In Australia, approximately 100 refugees are detained in detention centres and APODS, whilst more than 1000 people are living in the community, with no certainty regarding their futures.

We’re calling on the Australian Government to commit to resettling all refugees and people seeking asylum who have been detained in Australia’s offshore processing regime, starting with accepting the New Zealand offer of resettlement.

We’re so close to ensuring refugees and people seeking asylum find safety. Join us and let’s make it a reality.

How can we win this campaign?

Together – Amnesty Action Groups, networks, activists, refugees with lived experience, partners and staff will demand safe pathways for people still held indefinitely offshore or in limbo on the mainland. We have two aims,

– Release refugees from detention immediately – end detention both on and offshore

– Ensure safe and permanent resettlement for people seeking asylum – including safety net support in the community

With this final push to call #GameOver, we need groups and communities across the nation to put pressure on those in power by asking the Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews to accept the New Zealand offer and get people to safety.

What can I do?

Meet with your MP or Senator

People in the community taking the time to communicate to their MP is powerful. We can’t stress enough how important it is that politicians hear from their constituents. A large group of people contacting their local MP will have more impact than any single expert. That is the power our collective voices can bring and the impact you can achieve, regardless of how much you know about an issue. You can use this resource pack to guide and help you plan your meeting with your MP or Senator. Check out who to target here!

Download the Game Over resource pack for template letters and extra resources to reach out to your MPs and Senators.

Useful Resources and Contacts

Join the National Refugee Network Facebook Group. The National Refugee Network meet on the third Thursday of the month.

Useful upcoming training – see more on our Activism Planner

Contact for more information

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