Are you ready for Write for Rights 2017?

Looking to take part in Write for Rights (W4R) 2017? Here you will find everything you need to make W4R happen in your community.

In 2016 we collected a staggering 125,000 actions in Australia for Write for Rights.

This year, we can do even better. We can smash last year’s total if we all get out into our communities and encourage others to take action. And taking action makes a real differences in people’s lives.

As part of Write for Rights in 2016 over 300,000 actions were taken globally for Máxima Acuña, a peasant farmer charged with criminal offences in her fight to defy one of the world’s biggest gold mining companies.  And in May 2017, all criminal charges against her were dropped.

So, talk to you friends and family, host a stall, set a target, gather as many signatures as you can, and save some lives.

The Toolkit

First read the Toolkit, which details everything you need to get involved in this year’s campaign. This year we’ve also produced a guide to holding Write for Rights events and one to handling objections you might face when you’re campaigning.

Toolkit Handling objections guide Events guide

The cases

We are focusing on 10 cases from all around the world this year.

Each case is a human rights defender subject to abuse, simply for standing up for others.

In a hurry? You can download casecards, petitions, and solidarity cards for all ten cases below. If you want to focus on a particular case or two, visit their individual pages under “resources” on the main campaign page.

casecards PETITIONS solidarity cards

What to do with actions?

Letter Writing Marathon at the Dutch Office Amnesty International The Netherlands Amsterdam. Every December, to mark International Human Rights Day, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe take part in the world’s largest human rights event: Write for Rights.
© Amnesty International

It’s critical to creating impact in Write for Rights that we can tally the total number of actions taken, and send those actions to the targets quickly.

We’re asking you to snap or scan a copy of your petitions and send them to us as an email attachment, before you post them back to us. We’ll add them to the global tally of actions in real time and bundle the actions together and send them off to the targets.

Please ensure that you send all petitions and solidarity letters back to us by January 31 2018.

Posters and Activity Booklet

Need some snazzy designs to promote your events and grab people’s attention? Look no further!

CASE Posters Activity booklet Hashtag poster 

Keep your coins poster Pet bandana poster


To create change we need to show the people in power that hundreds of thousands of people are demanding that change happen. So we’ve set targets for every region to make sure we can make a difference in the lives of the people we’re campaigning for. 

There are tips in the toolkit on how to collect heaps of actions, and knock your region’s target out of the park! Ask your Community Organiser about how you can contribute to your region’s target. 


W4R is a great opportunity to get some media attention, particularly around Human Rights Day on December 10th. If you are holding community events, download our template Media Release and chat with your Community Organiser for advice to get the media engaged!


Take it to the classroom

For W4R this year we have produced a student magazine and four lesson plans for teachers to use in the classroom. The lesson plans use the cases from W4R to teach students about human rights and the work of human rights defenders.


Thanks for getting involved! Over 55 years of human rights activism and millions of actions show that you really do have the power to change lives.