Mahadine released - and a brand new Brave toolkit

Mahadine has been released from prison in Chad! Find out how you can help with the release of other human rights defenders in our brand new Brave mass mobilisation toolkit.

Mahadine, on the day of his release, holding a mosaic made of selfiessent from Switzerland during Write for Rights. (C) Amnesty International

On 5 April, a Chadian court, ordered the release of Mahadine, who had been detained since September 2016, for posting videos on Facebook criticizing the government.

Mahadine was one of 10 human rights defenders highlighted as part of Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign in 2017. Over 690,000 worldwide people took action calling for his immediate release. Amnesty activists in Australia collected almost 14,000 actions and organised over 200 events for Write for Rights last year. 

What have we learned?

We know we need to show governments that there are thousands of people, all around Australia, who oppose the imprisonment of these people. We also know that our movement is most powerful when we’re visible and when we work together.

We need to mobilise our movement and our communities at key moments for our cases. 

Mobilisation moments allow us to build momentum to influence change. If we build power in our communities through ongoing community organising, and mobilise our communities to take coordinated action at key times, we can influence governments to respect human rights, and release these human rights defenders.

What do we do now?

We’ve identified upcoming key moments in two cases to mobilise our movement and our communities.

  • 6 June 2018 will make one year of imprisonment for Taner Kılıç, Chair of Amnesty Turkey, who was imprisoned in an effort to silence critics and in Turkey.
  • 21 August will mark a year since the verdict against Arash Sadeghi and Golrokh Ebrahimi, a married couple from Iran, who are imprisoned alongside their friend Atena Daemi. All 3 are human rights defenders, and they’ve been silenced, simply because they stood up for others.

How can I get involved?

Here’s how you can mobilise around their cases:

  • Chat within your group about the cases. Ask yourself why you care about the cases and and how can you get others to care.
  • We know we need to reach as many people as possible, ask where you can reach as many people as possible in your community?
  • Then, plan how you’re going to reach them. Make sure to submit your events to the Host an Event form. Practice pitching the cases to the public at your group meeting!
  • Get out in your community and build momentum!  Collect your creative actions and put up your posters, create some street art.
  • Organise a stunt for the key mobilisation moment. Stunts show  our strength visually, you can display 72 of the tally actions your group collected to mark one full year of imprisonment, or create the tally at the stunt with chalk!
  • Stunts are a picture perfect photo opportunity for media. Make sure to invite the media.

We’ve released a Brave mobilisation toolkit for these moments, it has all the tips above, plus many more on how to mobilise your community to push for the release of Taner, Atena, Arash, and Golrokh.

Check it out on the Brave activist resource page, and keep an eye out for more to come.

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