Brave activist resources

Stand up for the Brave

Today people across the world are taking enormous risks for our rights. But they’re being harassed, tortured, jailed and even killed – simply for daring to stand up for others. Without their courage, our world would be less fair, less just and less equal. We must stand with human rights defenders worldwide – and do all we can to keep them safe from harm.

Speak up for those who speak out for all of us

To stand with human rights defenders, all you need is to bring people in your community together and mobilise them to take action. 

Mobilisation allow us to build momentum around cases so we can strategically pressure governments to respect  human rights.

When we mobilise people, getting them to write letters, sign petitions, and send solidarity cards to the cases, we know that we can create change.

But change can only happen if lots of people pick up a pen to write a letter or sign a petition. This quarter, reach out to friends, family, colleagues, other community groups, diaspora communities, the list is endless!

Check out resources below to mobilise your community. 

LGBTI activist Vitalina Kova from Ukraine wearing a purple cape next to a woman holding the rainbow flag at the Canal Parade in Amsterdam.
© Pierre Crom for Amnesty International



Case Resources

In the first few months of 2019 we’re continuing our focus on women human rights defenders.

These women have been subject to violence, abuse, and arrest, simply for standing up for others. We’ll update this page with new Brave cases and resources throughout the year.

Atena Daeni, Iran


Geraldine Chacon, Venezuela


Nonhle Mbuthuma, South Africa


Vitalina Koval, Ukraine


Ask your ASC or CO for a concertina card to be sent to you from the Action Centre for your event, it lets someone take four actions (so four times the impact) in one go!

Campus Resources

If you’re in an Amnesty campus group, you complete guide to bring BRAVE to your campus for O-Week, including campaign updates, activist resources, and all you need to know to get Semester 1 off to an awesome start, is in the Campus Bulletin.

Resources for Human Rights Education

If you want to teach human rights in the classroom, check out the lesson plans below. For more information on our Write for Rights teaching resources, check out our  student resources page.