Right now, all around the world, human rights are under attack.

Vahid Afkari comes from a close-knit family. In 2018, Vahid and his brother Navid were arrested for peacefully attending protests in Shiraz. Three months later, his brother Habib was also arrested for peaceful protesting.

Vahid, Navid and Habib were tortured repeatedly and forced to “confess” to crimes they said they did not commit. Navid was executed in 2020, and Habib spent 550 days in solitary confinement, and was released from prison in March 2022.

Vahid has been in solitary confinement since September 2020, unjustly convicted of various baseless crimes and sentenced to decades in prison and 74 lashes.

10 chances to make a difference
Brothers Vahid, Habib and Navid standing side by side

Your actions have the power to make a difference.

Joanah, Netsai and Cecillia have a lot of things in common: they love playing board games, watching Netflix and are passionate about politics. Sadly, they also share horrific memories of a terrible attack.

In 2020, after leading an anti-government protest, the women were arrested and then abducted and allegedly tortured, including by sexual assault. The women have been charged with faking their own ordeal and face years in jail.

Demand justice for Joanah, Netsai and Cecillia.

What is Write for Rights?

Attend a Write for Rights event.

Join an event in your local community and take action for those whose rights have been wronged.

This year, Write for Rights will be our biggest event to date. We will be raising our collective power to push for the right to protest to be protected. We’ll deliver the signatures of everyone who takes action in Australia to Embassies in Canberra in February 2023.

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Our Wins

Through the power of collective action challenging injustice, your letters, emails and petition signatures convince governments to free people unjustly imprisoned, stop torture and end other abuses.