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School Strike for Climate

#SchoolStrike4Climate: September 20 global strike

School Strike 4 Climate is a grassroots movement of passionate students across Australia and the world, who are striking from school to tell politicians to take their futures seriously, and treat climate change for what it is – a crisis. 

Why is Amnesty International working on climate justice?

Because climate change is a human rights issue.

We are already seeing millions of people suffering from the effects of extreme disasters caused by climate change. Extreme droughts, uncontrollable wildfires, devastating tropical storms, destructive floods – these disasters not only impact heavily on our environment, but will continue to have lasting effects on all of humanity. Existing inequalities will be magnified, with the world’s poorest, most marginalised people being affected the most. The failure of the Australian government to declare a climate emergency, and to take action on climate change despite overwhelming scientific evidence, could lead to the biggest human rights  violation in history.

As human rights defenders, we will not accept this. Instead we will courageously fight for a world where everyone enjoys their human rights without discrimination. We are a global community of 7 million people standing up for what is right – justice, freedom, and equality. Together, our voices are powerful, and we must use them to address climate change now.

Join a strike near you

Write for Rights


The global climate strike is an opportunity for Amnesty staff and activists to come together, and show the human side of climate change. Come along, wear and Amnesty shirt, and bring along any placards or banners, as we stand in solidarity with the people at the forefront, who are already experiencing human rights violations as a result of global warming. 

Marinel –  Climate justice activist, Phillipines 

Marinel was only 16 when she survived one of the strongest tropical cyclones on record, which killed over 6,000 people and destroyed millions of homes. 

Marinel has since dedicated herself to campaigning for community rights, conducting seminars on environmental issues & climate justice. She attended the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris to speak about the effects of climate change on vulnerable countries, and the need to minimize global emissions of greenhouse gases.

In September 2018, she went to New York City to give evidence to an investigation into climate change and the way fossil fuel industries contribute to it.

Five years later, the Philippine government have built less than half of the houses required to support those affected by the typhoon; thousands who lost their homes still do not have access to food, water,  housing, electricity and toilets. 

Case materials 

For you to print & use to take action for Mariel. Whether it be taking a copy of the petition to your local September 20 strike and collecting actions, or getting your action group together to post a message of solidarity on your social media account – we can all stand with Marinel and her fight for climate justice. 

Petition Poster
Solidarity message instructions 
Solidarity message poster

Social media 

Click on the images below for links to graphics & shareable content, for you to share on social media to remind your friends and family to join you on September 20.

5 Top Reasons to Support School Strike 4 Climate

We have a right to a safe climate. We have a right to peacefully protest. 🌎 ✊ Here's 5 reasons to support the global #ClimateStrike on the 20th September. 💚

Posted by Amnesty International Australia on Thursday, 29 August 2019


2019 Ambassador of Conscience award 

Amnesty International’s prestigious Ambassador of Conscience Award celebrates people who have shown unique leadership and courage in standing up for human rights. The award was founded in 2002, with past recipients including Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai and Ai Wei Wei. The 2019 Ambassador of Conscience has been awarded to Greta Thunberg, and the Fridays for Future movement:

“We are humbled and inspired by the determination with which youth activists across the world are challenging us all to confront the realities of the climate crisis. Every young person taking part in Fridays for Future embodies what it means to act on your conscience. They remind us that we are more powerful than we know and that we all have a role to play in protecting human rights against climate catastrophe.”
Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International Secretary General.

Here in Australia, we will be presenting an Ambassador of Conscience award to organisers of the School Strike for Climate around the country, for their inspiring contributions to the call for climate justice.

Want to join us in celebrating the amazing activism of these passionate young people?

Attend your regional award ceremony

If you are organising a regional Ambassador of Conscience award ceremony, please feel free to use these guidelines: 

In this guide you will find:

  • A run sheet for your ceremony
  • Information about our new Write for Rights case, focused on climate justice 
  • Media release template & tips 
  • Photography & videography guidelines

Ambassador of Conscience ceremony toolkit 

Please refer to this page for more information about how climate change impacts human rights, particularly those of marginalised groups. 

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