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My New Neighbour: a way to bring refugees safely to Australia

It’s time to start focusing on the solutions. It’s time to strengthen the power of your community and use it to create new pathways for refugees to safely settle in Australia. 

We have all watched as successive governments have failed to deliver a fair, safe and orderly system for refugees. We have witnessed cruelty and abuse as a result of this failure and we have raised our voices loudly in response. But as 2017 came to a close we were all left with a question: where to from here?

In 2018, our campaign will be asking communities around Australia to support community-led sponsorship.

What is Community Sponsorship?

Not familiar with the Community Sponsorship, check out this explainer video!

Campaign Resources

Volunteers stand behind an Amnesty International Stall at Mardi Gras - the table is decorated with yellow table-cloth, and yellow balloons hang above. The volunteers are pictured speaking to interested people about a campaign.

This year there is an exciting grassroots plan for our refugee campaign. It’s all about people power. We believe that showing a critical mass of people a better plan for refugees and by persuading them to support it we can force politicians to act. 

By growing visible support in your community for an improved community sponsorship program and lobbying your local council to show their support, we will send our Government a clear message – our communities are serious about creating safe ways for their new neighbours to be brought to Australia.

For more information download the campaign resources – more resources to come!

Download the 2018 refugee campaign TOOLKIT

petition csp flyer FAQS local COUNCIL GUIDE 

Media tips media release template council motion template

Posters and Signs (click on the image to download)


Videos to share!
  • This great video from the Western Bulldogs that speaks to the importance of building partnerships to change community perception.
  • The video from The Tonightly show that breaks down what the campaign is all about in a much funnier and succinct way.
  • The Moving day video that speaks to what it means to be a community and to live and breathe the spirit of welcome.
  • This powerful this video of Amir. Amir spent five years on Manus island until finally in 2017 he had his dream come true of freedom and a life in a place of safety. Amir was sponsored through Canada’s private refugee sponsorship scheme. This video sums it up, we can make a difference in people lives and there are good people out there willing to open up their homes and their communities to welcome people. Australians want to do this too and we are going to make it happen.

Training: Community Mapping

Mapping your community is a key part of the success of your local campaign. Your Community Organiser will be running training in your state for groups interested in working on this campaign to maximise their local impact. Contact your Community Organiser to organise a session with your group.

For more background resources about our refugee campaign, including our research, visit our Refugee resources for education and the films and photo exhibitions for your events page. 


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