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With your ongoing support, we can stop the violence and end the suffering.

URGENT UPDATE: There are now over 700,000 Rohingya people who have fled for their lives in neighbouring Bangladesh. Over 80% are women and children according to the UN living in dire circumstances with limited access to life-saving aid.

Family homes, neighbourhoods and entire villages  – torched to the ground. And as terrified families flee for their lives, many have been killed.

Every day thousands of families have been forced to cross the border in search of safety. Traumatised and exhausted with nowhere to go.  Many people, including children, are injured.

The Amnesty crisis team has been on the ground in Bangladesh documenting and monitoring the situation. We are able to do this only through regular donations.

We’ve been exposing violence and abuse like that seen in Myanmar and Bangladesh all over the world for more than 60 years.

Both our crisis teams’ gathering of first-hand accounts and our satellite imagery has proven to the world that this was a planned, deliberate campaign of ethnic cleansing.

It is a tragic reality that these crimes could have gone unnoticed, people like you who support our crisis work with a regular donation don’t let that happen.

Now is the time for us to pressure the Myanmar Government and hold the guilty to account for their crimes.

We don’t accept any funding from governments or political organisations for our campaigning and advocacy work. This allows us to be completely unbiased and independent, we uncover the truth with no external influence.

A regular donation is the best way to support Amnesty and our vital crisis work. This ongoing support allows to plan for a crisis, be on the ground uncovering facts and expose the truth to the world.

Simply put, our regular donors save lives.

“It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness” was our founding statement. Know that together we will be tirelessly shining a light on any attempts to erode human rights around the world.

We don’t rely on rumours but we do rely on you. Please become a regular supporter today.

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